Friday, May 31, 2013

Darcy and Elizabeth's Letters Uncovered

Wouldn't that make a great National Geographic headline? For fans of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, there are countless conversations, debates, writings, and even websites now devoted to the elegant Mr. Darcy. How can a 200-year-old fictional character remain a part of today's society? What makes a character like Mr. Darcy leap off the pages of a book, onto the screen, and into our hearts? Matthew Macfadyen's portrayal of the tall, dark, handsome, rich, stoic, quiet, mysterious, and loyal Fitzwilliam Darcy is any woman's dream. Jane Austen captured the romance and heartbreak and Matthew displayed it better than any to date.

To celebrate Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett's unseen feelings, I can only imagine what went through their hearts and minds. After all, you can only get so much from a two-hour movie. I've created three short letters between the two. Tell me what you think. How would their correspondence continue? Would it? What if there was no fairy tale outcome? Would love to hear your feedback. What if we could uncover their letters? What would they say? Maybe something like this...

My Dearest Miss Bennett,
Your last letter has put me in a state of great trepidation. While I wander all hours of the night and day at your heart's mysteries, I perceive these vexings to be unsettling. Forgive the manner and length of this letter, I pray you. Bingley and I have business of the most urgent manner, so I must close. Please corresponde as you see fit. 

For your words do not fall on deaf ears.


Mr. Darcy
I pray this letter finds you well. As Jane obsesses over one Mr. Bingley, I shall confess my reservations toward you sir. Money does not make one wise, Mr. Darcy, and although I lack your fortune I am certainly no fool. However, your efforts have not escaped my notice. As you shall most certainly come to know, I express what is on my heart surely not in the most refined manner I am aware. For this, I pray your forgiveness.

As much as I would most assuredly enjoy Pemberly, I must decline your offer. Our worlds are very much different. On a huge estate I do not belong; no more than you belong in a house trampled through by swine.

I shall write no more. I pray you understand.

Miss Elizabeth Bennett

Miss Elizabeth Bennett
After studying your letter, my feelings are thus. Who are you to tell me where I belong and where I do not? While it is true we come from opposite worlds - we are very the same internally. It seems your prejudice against wealth has blinded you.

For that, I am most truly saddened and shall bother you no more.


Does Darcy write again?
Does Elizabeth ever respond?

How would you have these two characters behave? 

Photos courtesy of Matthew Macfadyen News on Facebook and used with permission. Thank you again MM News!


  1. Oh boy, that is harsh Elizabeth. Is this after Hunsford? I assume it is. I think after the failed proposal she saw him with different eyes. She might have been upset with him because of the way in which he proposed but I do think she felt more than she led everyone to believe.

    With these letters it is hard to imagine he would write again and she seems not to be willing to give an inch either.

    1. Thanks Social Media Solutions for the comment. Yes, I'm sure she felt more than she let on to anyone - even to herself. I think we've all felt a little over our heads at one point or another in a relationship. But, dang - how can you refuse?

      And yes, being stubborn is a barrier itself. Thanks again!