Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Banjaxed, Bogman, Bedraggled, and then some...

Can't believe it's been months since I've posted. How time gets away from me. What I would like to share is a brand new writer I recently discovered. Well...HE'S not brand new at all, just brand new to me. The ironic part is I discovered him while crushing on my new favorite band but oh my, that's another post so won't get into that now. The pic below is of them, courtesy of their facebook page!

Originally from Ireland, Eddie Stack makes his home in San Francisco. Winner of numerous awards, his writing is so witty and genuine that it envelopes all of my senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste, in such a way I feel compelled to share with you.

Eddie shares free stories on his website and it's these stories I want to elaborate on to give you a taste of his style. His word choices are out-of-this-world. The Irish phrases, though sometimes hard to get at first, are refreshing to those of us who may have heard, "I've got to take a leak" many different ways; yet, I bet you never heard it Eddie's way.

With his permission and blessing, I share these bits and pieces from the noted free stories on his site. (Really hope I can add his books to my library soon.) I know we are taught that each of us has our own voice, our own style. Which we do and should embrace! Don't get me wrong, I embrace my weirdness. It's just...well, I want more of Eddie Stack. I want to read it, absorb it, assimilate some of his wit, rawness, and humor into my style. Maybe, by reading more of his work, it will make me a better writer. Sure hope so. Please enjoy...

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1. Granda and Me
"...wild head of wild white hair..."
"...shouting and cheering like a crowd of jail breakers..."
"...they were cockeyed with drink and anarchy."
"...kept out of my space."
"He belted me until I cried, not with hurt but with rage."
" if they'd been branded with a red-hot cattle iron..."

Words I like from this piece: bedraggled, druids, propoganda, and Granda.

2. Limbo
"'re as lazy as Sin."
"...we were the flotsam left behind by the tide."
"...becoming more demonic with every stroke."
"...and don't always be looking like a moon calf."
"...sleaze and slaughter."
"Mention of drink, Rasputin and red Russia in the same page was the height of treason."

Words I like from this piece: lout, bards, Jaysuz, sty, drivel, sutach, bogman.

3. Back in the Days of Corncrakes
"...soft scents of summer..."
" ganged..."
"...lounged in the caravan like the Rolling Stones before a gig."
" feet go rubbery."
"Fullbright didn't own a blade of grass."
"...just shook like a statue in an earthquake."
"I'm bursting to make a lake." (Yeah, guessing from reading the context this means, 'I gotta pee.')

Words I like from this piece: jerkins, arsing, banjaxed

4. Finito
"The Irish had very fertile imaginations."
"...pathetic clothes hanger in a crumpled suit."
"Freud would say she was shooting Larry by proxy."
"Subversive ballerinas, Buddhist butchers, film star typists, lesbian nuns and gay jockeys."

The word I like here is shag! (Yes, it means what you think it means.)

5. The Power of Prayer
"Cop cars cruised swift as sharks..."
"Virgins and villians,..."
"...the broken veins that came from long nights of lonesome drinking..."
" exotic fish in these warm seas..."
"Somehow in those twelve peals, God got a foothold."

Words I like from this piece: flummoxed and half-eleven (meaning 11:30)

Hope these tid bits raise your interest enough to visit his site and read for yourself about internet dating from a man's point of view, an uninterested therapist, young lads being in a commercial, a female cop undercover as a prostitute, and a stern Granda. Who knows what words will jump out at you!

Comments are welcome and encouraged. Thanks for taking the time to read, and thank you Mr. Eddie Stack for your encouragment and blessing on this piece.

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