Thursday, September 19, 2013

Save Copper Campaign Continues...10 Copper Facts and Lagniappe

Dear Cineflix,
As a loyal Copperhead from the first episode, it has ripped my heart out that BBC America has canceled the only show I watch. That is not a figure of speech, it is the truth. When Copper debuted last year, I watched on DirecTV, but since then have moved out and do not have cable. So, I literally leave my home on Sunday evenings to watch Copper with someone else at their house. (And got them hooked on it too, by the way!)

Now this... The network claims lower viewership this season as compared with last. Well, when most of the marketing and public relations come from fans and NOT from the PR Department or Marketing Executives who get paid high dollar to DO THEIR JOBS & MARKET THE SHOW, of course the show will suffer. And what of THEIR bosses? Why weren't people on top of this "problem" of low viewership before now? This means many people fell down on his/her jobs in the marketing and advertising departments at BBCA. Regular Joe's don't have the media connections, advertising budget, or networking opportunities which professionals do. We have social media and word of mouth.

Although I am a regular Joe, I do have enough sense to present a justifyable argument as to why Cineflix should shop this show around to another network. You want data? Here are 10 points (which can be verified via reputable sources, just do some digging) to the decision-making executives at Cineflix as to why we Copperheads want to save our 5-Points Family:

1) First airing of Copper in 2012 drew the largest audience of any debut drama for BBCA. Why? Marketing & advertising months out! The campaign was so smooth and the show was so hot, it drew us in from the start and has kept us for two seasons. People were on the ball then, but somewhere along the line dropped it.

2) Second series received 2013 Emmy award for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme. The music is a character itself and draws viewers in like flies to honey.

3) Massive cast/crew followers on Twitter include (as of this typing):
  • Tom Weston-Jones 6,161
  • Kyle Schmidt 8,361
  • Ato Essandoh 14,265
  • Kevin Ryan 67,244
  • Dylan Taylor 1,398
  • Anastasia Griffith 4,000
  • Kevin Diebold 1,052
  • Newcomer Jim Watson 158
These followers alone total over 100,000! That's only a partial audience since many still do not participate in Social Media.

4) CopperTV on Facebook has 74,425 likes!

5) When I created this blog, I titled it Copperhead 1864, because I am a Copper freak! And, if you scroll down the page you can find my Copper Season 1 Quiz.

6) Talented fans have drawn portraits, paintings, and even tats for our favorite 5 Points family members.

7) Kevin Ryan has posted over 116 photos to WhoSay, which fans comment on, like, or even repost to their respective Facebook page.

8) Superfans have created Twitter accounts such as @FYKevinRyan, Tumbler pages & websites such as dedicated to the talented, soft & conflicted Detective Francis Maguire. Thank you to Lainie from New York for permission to link tumbler above, and to Stephanie from Wisconsin for permission to link her Kevin Ryan fan site above. Follow both these ladies for more wonderful things about beloved and wonderful actor Kevin Ryan.

9) As I type this, tweets are going out to @BBCAMERICA , @COPPERTV , to the cast and crew showing love and support, and some are coming to you, just like this letter will when I get it typed. Petitions are even being generated online! Fans are posting their outrage and opinions on GetGlue and Pinterest Boards! We are very passionate and want our voices heard. After all, when Kevin Corcoran feels wronged and when justice is not served, he, Andrew, and Francis take action. We are taking action!

10) If you look at CopperTV's Facebook page for 2012 photos, you see plenty of ploys and fan interaction with giveaways, "Caption This," and "Copper Mugshots Option" when the show first aired. When you compare those PR and marketing techniques with this season's attempts, there is no comparison.

Lagniappe: Louisiana for "a little something extra!"

We Copperheads do not give up easily. This show is awesome. It's historical, entertaining, accurate, raw, gritty, sexy, and based on real people and real places. Who gives a shit about "Orphan Black" as referenced in comparison with Copper in an article I read today? See what BBCA is doing here. Pitting its own shows against one another, and the one with the lesser viewers loses. How sick and greedy is that? Copper fans are loyal, generous, and are emotionally invested in the writings of Kevin Dieboldt & Kyle Bradstreet! 

I hope this letter is read. Although it is from one fan (of tens of thousands,) I feel confident in speaking for all Copperheads just this once when I say, WE WANT COPPER!

Thank you for your time and attention to this plea.

P.S. I did apply to both BBCA and Cineflix for a job simply to say I contributed to the network and studio which presented Copper. Didn't get either job, but at least I had the gumption to try.

Best regards,
Sherry Perkins
A Copperhead in Louisiana

*All photos courtesy of CopperTV on Facebook.


  1. I too adore this show and am so disappointed BBC America has decided to cancel it. I am a high school history teacher and encourage my students to watch when we do our unit on immigration. Please bring the show back. The cast is great and the story is even better.

    1. Thanks, Sheila! Join the causes on Facebook and Twitter. See Elaine's comment below if you want to get involved.

  2. BBC America ended it with a horrific cliffhanger, because even the writers didn’t know there wasn’t going to be a season 3. BBC committed an injustice on its viewers. They have also indicated that there is no chance for revival on their network for some reason.

    If you really want to save Copper, join our campaign to do so. Visit

    Bring Back Copper Facebook page

    Save Copper Facebook page

    Save Copper TV Tumblr

    and follow @Save_CopperTV on twitter for details.

    We have a letter writing campaign, email campaign and there is a petition. We are writing Tom Fontana, Barry Levinson, Christina Wayne at Cineflix and anyone associated with Copper to let them know they have the fans support in either bringing back show on another network or a movie.

    Our goal is to find another network to take on Copper or to help Tom Fontana see his movie made to wrap up what was to be Season 3.

    So please, anyone who is interested, join the cause today before it is too late.

  3. Anyone know why BBCA is refusing to revive it there?