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Copperhead Quiz

Copper's second season begins Sunday, June 23rd, on the BBC America channel. I challenge you to take the Copperhead Quiz below to measure your level of fandom. Beware, you may find yourself too Morehoused to play the game, or that you are an obsessed viewer like myself. So, get something to write with and some paper. Don't argue - just do it. You can play, or you can pray.

Disclaimer: This is all in good fun. Don't go tellin' Kevin, Maguire, O'Brien, Doc Freeman, Cpt Sullivan, Eva, Robert, or Elizabeth that I'm talkin' about them behind their backs. In all seriousness, this is my personal blog and is not endorsed by the BBC America, Cineflix, or the cast/crew of Copper. All photos from

There are 40 questions below. Have fun!

Who is Whom?

1. Who is the Southerner who attempts to befriend Robert Morehouse, then blackmail's Robert's father?
A) Teddy Roosevelt 
B) Robert Kennedy
C) Ford Lincoln Mercury
D) John D. Rockefeller III

2. What is the name of the abortion doctor?
A) Madame Tussaud
B) Dr. Freeman
C) Dr. Grimes
D) Madame Grindle

3. Detective O'Brien's wife is named?
A) Sybil
B) Molly
C) Annie
D) Elizabeth

4. Who was Francis' first fiance?
A) Mary
B) Maggie
C) Molly
D) Margaret

5. What is the name of Elizabeth Haverford's butler?
A) Alistar
B) Alvin
C) Kennedy
D) Julius

6. What is the name of the Morehouse coachman who is always retrieving Kevin?
A) Julius
B) Jasper
C) McLain
D) Sim

7. What is the name of Annie's sister?
A) Kitty
B) Kate
C) Kiara
D) Kelly

Who Said What?

8. According to Corcoran, "When people confess, their eyes ______."
A) blink
B) relax
C) look away
D) fill with tears 

9. Who said this to whom, "We've all committed our share of sins. Some of them part of the job, some of them part of us."?
A) Kevin to Francis
B) Francis to Robert
C) Eva to Elizabeth
D) Molly to Maguire

10. Who said, "No matter what I do, I end up killing the things I love."?
A) Norbert Morehouse
B) Kevin Corcoran
C) Francis Maguire
D) Andrew O'Brien

11. The line, "Poor is tragedy," is uttered by someone we assume has no idea. Which one?
A) Eva
B) Mary
C) Elizabeth
D) Annie

12. Who said, "I'm a whore, not a nurse maid."?
A) Eva
B) Molly
C) Elizabeth
D) Mary

13. Dr. Freeman said, "I'm gonna find your mama." To whom was he speaking?
A) a patient
B) Sara
C) Annie
D) Elizabeth
14. "A man's name is all he has." Who said this?
A) Eva Heissen
B) Norbert Morehouse
C) Robert Morehouse
D) Kevin Corcoran

What Did They Do?

15. What did Francis give Molly for their engagement?
A) a new ring 
B) a new bracelet
C) his mother's ring
D) his mother's bracelet

16. What outfit broke Corcoran's leg?
A) The Irish Mafia
B) An Italian Gang
C) The Pinkertons
D) Rouge cops

17. In the opening scenes of Episode 1, what does Kevin give Annie?
A) flowers
B) a kiss
C) attitude
D) an egg

 Who Killed Whom?

18. Who killed John Reilly?
A) Eva
B) O'Brien
C) Francis
D) Annie

19. Who killed Francis' second fiance?
A) Kennedy
B) Francis
C) Corcoran
D) McLain

20. Who does Francis kill?
A) Molly and Mary
B) Grindle and McLain
C) Grindle, Ellen, and Molly
D) Grindle, Mary, and McLain

Location, Location, Location

21. When Doc Freeman and Sara leave Five Points, where do they move?
A) Hoboken
B) Winchester
C) Brooklyn
D) Carmansville

22. Where does Kevin find Ellen?
A) Central Park
B) The cemetery
C) The Earle House
D) The Morehouse Mansion

23. In Episode 2, Eva takes a trip where?
A) San Francisco
B) New Orleans
C) Philadelphia
D) Washington D.C.

24. Where does Norbert Morehouse get exhiled to help in "the relocating and assisting in the recovery of ________ as a small-business entrepreneur."?
A) Appomatox
B) Richmond
C) New Orleans
D) Atlanta

25. Before he is banished, Norbert Morehouse plans to buy all of Five Points. It consists of how many city blocks?
A) 15
B) 20
C) 25
D) 30


26. Who was John Reilly to Annie?
A) her friend
B) her father
C) her uncle
D) her husband

27. Who doesn't Norbert Morehouse want invited to the fundraising ball?
A) William Astor
B) John D. Rockefeller
C) The Kennedys
D) The Booths

28. Which three served together in the Civil War?
A) Corcoran, O'Brien, Maguire
B) Corcoran, Freeman, Morehouse
C) Morehouse, O'Brien, Maguire
D) Freeman, Corcoran, Maguire

29. What happened to Sara's brothers?
A) They were hanged.
B) They were arrested.
C) They moved away.
D) They became boxers.

Since Louisiana is referenced a few times, here is a gumbo of questions:

30. The headline of the newspaper Elizabeth shows Robert toward the end of the last episode reads:
A) A Devilish Plot Foiled
B) The Show Goes On
C) A Fast and Fiendish Plot
D) Booths Sizzle in Shakespeare

31. How many episodes are in Season 1?
A) 13
B) 12
C) 11
D) 10

32. At what age could girls marry in New York in 1864?
A) 10
B) 12
C) 13
D) 14

33. In the tombs, Corcoran consistenly questions prisoners about what?
A) a locket
B) a murder
C) a murder weapon
D) a witness

34. What profession does Eva practice?
A) a teacher
B) a banker
C) a baker
D) a madame

35. How many times does Corcoran use his brass knuckles in the entire season?
A) once
B) four
C) twice
D) none

36. What drug does Doc Freeman give Kevin to ease the pain of a broken leg?
A) marijuana
B) morphine
C) heroin
D) cocaine

37. Where does Corcoran hide his knuckle busters?
A) in an extra pistol holder
B) in his right shirt pocket
C) in his hat
D) in his left shirt pocket

38. Both Robert Morehouse and Kevin Corcoran have a bum leg. Which leg is affected on each?
A) Robert's right leg and Kevin's left leg.
B) Robert's left leg and Kevin's left leg.
C) Robert's right leg and Kevin's right leg.
D) Robert's left leg and Kevin's right leg.

39. Arcenic was used as a murder weapon in what?
A) a pie
B) a cake
C) a tart
D) a drink

40. On the night the Booths performed Shakespeare, it was William Shakespear's ____th birthday.
A) 100
B) 400
C) 200
D) 300

1. B          11. C          21. D          31. D
2. D          12. A          22. C          32. A
3. A          13. B          23. B          33. A
4. C          14. C          24. D          34. D
5. A          15. D          25. B          35. C
6. A          16. C          26. D          36. B
7. B          17. D          27. A          37. C
8. B          18. D          28. B          38. A
9. A          19. B          29. A          39. B
10. C        20. D          30. C          40. D


     If you correctly answered                                               Consider Yourself 

20 or less          (50% or below)                            
Really? You are obviously Morehoused and in no shape to play a game. Report to the Morehouse Mansion where Robert will greet you with a smile, great company, and great whiskey. At least you tried. Major Morehouse appreciates a good attempt.

21 - 27              (52.5% - 67.5%)                                 
You have spent too much time body hopping at Eva's Paradise. You're on Copperhead Probation. Report to Cpt Sullivan and explain your shortcomings. You have been replaced by Little Burns on the force.

28 - 31              (70% - 77.5%)
You have watched some episodes, but you're only half a fan. You are a Copperhead-in-Training. Watch all episodes again. Report to Det. O'Brien, he will train you in the art of physical intimidation, and how to be hen-pecked.

32 - 35              (80% - 87.5%)
Way to go. You are a Copperhead Corporal. Report to Det. Maguire. He will train you in the art of deception and secrecy, and probably share his whiskey. Beware if you're a female. If Francis falls in love with you, you may end up dead.

36 - 39              (90% - 97%)
Wow, you are a Copperhead Apprentice since it seems you're too scare of Sybil O'Brien to miss a single episode. Report to Det. Corcoran. He will keep you safe from Sybil and continue your training. Ladies, he may also end up in your bed if you're not careful. Woo - Hoo!

40                     (100%)
Outstanding! Go buy yourself a hat. You are a full-on obsessed Copperhead. Report to Cpt Sullivan. He will give you a badge and a gun - nothing gets by you. You've been assigned to work with Corcoran and O'Brien while Francis recovers.

***Hope you had fun and thanks for playing. Tune in to Copper next month on the BBCA to see what happens to our friends in Five Points.

Feel free to leave comments. Feedback is always welcome.

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